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Tapulla is a Touch Screen game for Android version 2.1 + devices. It has been tested on TMobile HTC Desire, TMobile HTC Hero and 2.1/2.2 emulators. This simple game has been designed to help you unwind after a hard day and features original, relaxing music. It is also ideal for youngsters to play. Just use your finger to drag the sprites into their container in the fastest possible time! There's a high score table, which lists the fastest time for each level and the Champion who has completed all ten levels in the fastest time.

Tapulla is available to buy for 2 Euros at the Pdassi web site. where it can be purchased in different languages.
It can also be downloaded for 2 Pounds at the Android Market.

Solundrian Software

Just one hard working developer maintains the game and web site but it is well worth the small asking price! The game features its own original music track, which can be turned off and on, as desired.